Leadership Required: Why the CEO needs to lead strategic recognition

Reinforcing behaviors that create exceptional customer experiences

This is my second in a series of posts focused on the essential role the CEO plays in both employee and customer experience initiatives.

You already know that when employees consistently deliver great customer experiences, you’ll not only create and retain more loyal customers, odds are you’re going to keep your star employees as well. But how do you engage team members to deliver on your vision and ensure the desired brand experience is lived every day? Through strategic recognition.

The CEO’s role in experience management is to drive consistency, to ensure employees at every level understand their role in delivering the customer experience (whether they’re on the front-line or in a supporting role), and to reinforce the very behaviors that differentiate the organization from its competitors.

A CEO can leverage strategic recognition to:

  • align employee attitudes and behaviors with company values
  • engage individuals to consistently share, recognize, and repeat best practices that impact business results,
  • create learning opportunities through storytelling that helps to replicate high-performing employee behavior and supports the company’s business strategy.

How is this done?

#1. Create a culture of accountability.
Design the customer experience by defining non-negotiable behaviors at specific touchpoints. Make sure employees can perform these behaviors and understand their role in the customer experience. Hold them accountable for delivering the desired experience, and hold managers accountable for making sure best practices are captured and shared.

#2. Recognize and socialize success stories.
Recognize employees for doing their job well, going above and beyond, and especially when they deliver experiences that significantly impact bottom-line results. There are numerous platforms that automate this process (including ours), but technology alone will never replace the power of receiving a phone call, email, hand-written note, or face-to-face thank you from the CEO.

While it’s nearly impossible to do this with all employees, when CEOs give their personal attention to a job well done, employee pride skyrockets. And it’s not all up to you dear CEO, your managers need to consistently recognize their direct reports and encourage peer-to-peer recognition throughout the organization.

#3. Link employee performance to customer experience feedback.
Gaining customer feedback is critical to your business strategy so be sure you’re sharing that feedback with employees on a regular basis. Engaging your workforce to understand both strengths and challenges will help create a stronger, more productive customer-centric culture that’s laser focused on living the brand.

CEO’s that make a conscious effort to integrate these habits and lead by example are better positioned to grow and maintain market share, attract and retain right-fit talent, increase customer loyalty and, that ever-so-magical word, profit.

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